Last year everyone thought that it was going to be a life changing year. I mean the world was suppose to end twice; wasn’t it? Well now it’s the 13th January 2013 and we are still alive. If you didn’t do what you wanted to do last year(unsure of whether the world was going to end or not) then it’s time that you start living your life the way you’ve always wanted. Start doing things differently than you have for the past few years. Get out of your comfort zone and start living.

I have compiled 11 quick steps to encourage change in your life and even though they don’t delve to deeply with explanations and examples, they should be able to give you a sort of backbone to work off of. Let’s see if I can somehow encourage you to take the next step and change your life for good.

1. Get Rid of Negativity

Negativity is one thing that can and will destroy you as a person, everything you touch around you and everything you have worked for in your life. You need to get rid of it. Why be negative when you can be happy? Why not take two weeks to find out exactly what motives you and then list the things that make you negative. Now take both lists and measure them up against each other. What I mean is that if X makes you negative, replace it with Y that makes you happy. Carry the list around with you for a week or two till you get used to the points that you’ve made.

You will be surprised to see what positive effect happiness will have on your life. You won’t only be more productive, excited and positive in everything you do, you will influence those around you too.

2. Grow Up

You heard me. Grow up. Stop moaning about the same old things you used to moan about when you were a kid. Nobody wants to know that you hate Coca Pops or whether or not you can’t handle a certain smell. It’s your problem not the people around you. Deal with it. Why not wear a tie for a change? Get rid of the baggy clothing and clean up a little? It will only do good.

3. Take a step back and assess

Assessing your situation is of vital importance. You need to know where you are in life and what you have done up until now. Has any of it been of value? Has it worked out for you? If not, change it. Do it differently than you have before. That’s why you have to assess your life before you move forward.

4. Set some Goals

This is important. If you don’t set goals for 2013, where are you headed? Are you taking it one day at a time? What is that? Are you throwing darts at a wall or at a dart board? It’s your choice. You need to aim for something in order to hit it. That is why you have goals. Remember that you want to change your life this year, so set some challenging goals for yourself.

5. Get rid of Clutter

If you clean up your life, you will clean up your mind. A clean mind can focus as to where a cluttered mind can’t. This is what rich people do well, they are able to clear their minds and focus on important things that generate their wealth. You can start off by clearing out your desk at the office and starting fresh for 2013. Then tackle your home, take it room for room and get rid of the things you don’t use anymore. Give them away or sell them, that’s your choice.

6. Learn something new

Why not learn a new language? Learn to dance with your partner or yourself if you’re into freestyle. Take up a new hobby that takes some practice to perfect and get into. Learning a new skill will not only put you ahead of some of the people around you, but will give you confidence to realize that nothing it to big in this world to conquer.

7. Get into the gym

Being fit and healthy has never been overlooked by successful people. Richard Branson says that his secret to success is hitting the gym on a daily basis. It clears his mind to think about things and make decisions. You will not only feel better, more energetic and excited for everyday ahead. You will be able to get more done, function on less sleep and have more zeal to take on activities with friends and family.

8. Relax

Get away from technology. You need to rest to get your life back on track. Working hard is great, but your body and mind needs rest too. Make a plan at least once a month where you take a day off or go away for a weekend. Have some fun, get your mind off work and come back refreshed and ready.

9. Just do it

You won’t believe how many people keep wishing about getting somewhere in life, but never do anything to get there. That’s where you will be different though. You are going to start doing something immediately. Change is coming, you just have to grab hold of it when the opportunity presents itself.

10. Live, Laugh and Love

Being happy is a great feeling. Now all you have to do is encourage those around you by spreading the love, laughing with them and living your life out there. Influencing people with love, laughter and a good life is a great way to encourage strengthening relationships. Live your life, laugh about things that make you smile and love those around you with everything you have.

11. Move forward and don’t look back

Now that you have read these few points above, you will notice that I am really only throwing a short description out there about each point. All that I want you to do is take hold of some of these points and start change your life for the better in every aspect. Start running further, get more work done in a day, smile at strangers. Encourage those that see you to be happy. 2013 is your year and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. It’s your decision whether or not you make some changes, but all I’m asking is move forward and never, ever look back.

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