Life is good. You’re smiling, happy and loving the fresh morning breeze as you feel it through your nostrils in the grocery store parking lot. On your way here, your favorite song played over the radio and you got some news that your holiday plans are finally panning out. You know this is going to be a good day through and through, but as soon as you enter the store, you are greeted by sour, non smiling individuals who look like they haven’t had a good day….ever.

You open your lips and reveal those beautiful teeth that God graced you with and minding your own business, you go about doing your shopping. You whistle now and again and sing a song or two whilst picking out the necessities. Out of the corner of your eye you pick up a guy walking down your isle and as he reaches you, you stop and greet him. Without a word he smirks and says move.. “What is wrong with these people?” you think to yourself.

Everyone should be happy and smiling all day long. We were created to distribute love, positive energy, understanding and more than often we don’t feel that way. We get caught up in our own little world that we believe is the ultimate and only worry about ourselves. However, your view on life should be different. You should enjoy it the fullest and treasure every moment. Happiness shouldn’t just be a character trait. It should be a lifestyle that you live out and express daily.

Because I see a lot of “Fake” happy people walking around nowadays, I thought I would compile a list to help you see through those people that say something, but do things differently. It will help you identify the people around you that walk one way, but talk another.. Let’s see what this list consists of.

The things happy people do not do

  • 1. Worry about other people’s problems: This is one of the greatest things we face in our culture today. We were brought up to identify certain traits in people and assist where necessary. Hear me out. There is nothing wrong with helping others solve and sort out their problems. You just don’t need to make it “your” problem…If you really can’t help, be honest and tell them. Otherwise, just mind your own business and move on.
  • 2. Think Negative: A lot of times negative thoughts are what is being processed in an unhappy person’s mind. They think of things that become so real to them that they actually believe it is going to happy or has already happened.
  • 3. Gossip: Wherever you go, you can hear people around you gossip about others. Their lives just seem so uninteresting so they pick people around them to focus on and spread rumors about. It isn’t wise to spread rumors about people that you don’t actually know much about. It doesn’t make you a better person either, so my advice is just to quit being the town’s “People magazine.”
  • 4. Act Jealous: Jealousy destroys relationships. Whether it be in a family situation, a marriage or just as friends. Jealousy corrupts understanding and communication between two people because he or she doesn’t appreciate what they have in life and have to look unto others to see what they have and desire it. With that desire comes negative feelings and remarks that destroy whatever is in its way.
  • 5. Live in the past: Today is a new today. Tomorrow is still unknown. Why live in the past? It holds you back, it already happened…Don’t hold onto your past, make new memories and live for the moment. Have fun.
  • 6. Feel sorry for themselves: One of the most common problems faced by people with a lack of confidence and wisdom. Self pity is horrible. The people around you don’t like hearing it day in and day out. Man up, get up and move on. There are other people out there with bigger problems than you.
  • 7. Hate everything around them: When you dislike something it’s your opinion. You don’t have to voice your opinion in every conversation though. You don’t have to tell everyone around you that you hate this and hate that. Keep it to yourself.
  • 8. Resist the Truth: The truth will set you free. Often than not you are held down by an idea or picture formed in your head. You don’t want to know the truth about a certain situation or face the truth, because you know the entire situation will change and so will your picture of the perfect situation. You need to set yourself free. So stop resisting and accept.
  • 9. Seek validation from others: You are your own person. Stop doing things that you feel will validate your existence or popularity with other people. Live your life like you want to. Believe in yourself and don’t worry what the people around you say or do.
  • 10. Spend lengthy amounts of time in Negative environments: If you feel uncomfortable get out. It’s the easiest way. Why surround yourself with people that have a bad influence on your life? Easier said than done?! I disagree.
  • 11. Complain about their lives: You are in the situation you are in because of decisions that you have made. Therefore you need to change your ways and make wise decisions to get out of the hole you’re in. Stop complaining about it and do something about it.
  • 12. Compare themselves to others: Each person has his or her calling in life. They do what they love in each respective field. Stop comparing yourself to someone else. Every person is the same. Every person has the same worth. You aren’t any better than the guy on the street….you just made different choices than he did…remember that.
  • 13. Lie about their situations: Why try impress another person with lies? You’re going to get caught in the end and end up in a worse off situation that you started with. Just be yourself and speak the truth. Honesty is key to being happy.
  • 14. Say something and never do it: Happy people always follow through on plans. They are excited about life and adventure and therefore you will notice that they have busy weeks packed with visits and dinners and events. You need to learn to abide by your word. Your yes is your yes and your no is your no. Don’t say something that you can’t bring to the table. People will start to doubt you.


Each point highlighted above is my opinion. You can have yours. I believe that happiness is an important factor on your road to success. It’s much easier to do business with a happy person that doesn’t take part in the highlighted situations above because you can trust them. So, what do you say? Is it time to become a happy and content human being?

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