People are bogged down by unnecessary baggage which keep piling up and eventually destroys their dreams, hopes and confidence. You might be thinking to yourself that you are happy just the way you are…but are you really?

Are you driving the car you want to? Are you living the life you want to? Are you able to go on holiday and not worry about your finances? I thought so.

Being free, happy and motivated is something every person dreams about. They believe there is more to life than a nine to five job in a confined space. They believe that there is a gold pot at the end of the rainbow too though…that is a story for another time. Haha…

In the end I believe that every person is in control of his/her own life and determine exactly where they are going and what they are doing . Without guidance though these people are steering clear of their goals and real meaning in life and the reason they were placed on planet Earth.

If you feel like you are going nowhere slowly then it is time for a change. It’s time to get your things in order and live the life you have always wanted. It’s time to stun the world with your talents and confidence. It’s time to get motivated and change your life for good…

How do I do this though? Let’s see.

1. Create a Meaningful Goal

Everyone has goals right? The tasks/goals just differ from person to person. Some people might want to finish a marathon(that’s a goal), others might want to catch a big fish(that’s another goal) or another might want to set on a board of directors at a huge law firm(yep, that’s also a goal). Now you see these three examples are all goals, the magnitude or work connected to achieving these goals just differ.

That’s why you should set goals that you’d like to achieve in your lifetime and then break them up into smaller milestones. These milestones will track your progress on the road to achieving your goal in sight.

2. Plan It with Surgical Precision

As I mentioned in the previous point that you have to set goals and break them down into milestones, planning is just maybe even more important to help you achieve your goals. You have to make sure you cover all aspects on your mission to ensure successful achievements. It takes time to plan something correctly..give it your full attention. Follow the plan to precision once you start executing it down the road.

3. Schedule it and Lock the Door Behind You

Now that you have set your goals, worked out your milestones and planned your entire road to change, you have to make the decision of execution. You have to decide when you are going to take the plunge into the deep side to get started on your journey. You have to schedule your execution phase for your plans to make sure everything has been covered by your planning so that you only move on to something better and not dwindle on the past. You have to lock the door(the past) behind you and throw away the key.

There is not going back now. You have to push forward and follow your planning to the T. This is the hardest step in this process. I encourage you to keep motivating yourself and to keep pushing forward no matter what.

4. Get around the Path Walkers

The final step in this process is getting around the path walkers. Now what the heck is a path walker? I define a path walker as being someone who you run into on your road to change, who tries to influence you negatively and take your attention away from your defined plan that you have setup. This person or thing can come forth in any shape or form.

When I say any shape or form I am talking about anything from a human being to a get rich quick scheme etc. You have to focus on what you achieve and you have to give it your all. This is the only way you are truly going to change your life for the good. You have to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly. You need to believe in yourself and in what you do. Get around those stray walking people and focus on what you have to do and do it.


I believe that anyone can turn their lives around in an instant and it doesn’t matter what they are involved in. It takes a decision. A decision that can only be made by you. Good luck.

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