Everyone chases fame and fortune in some sort of way online. They want to be the new Lady Gaga of the Blogging era with millions of followers and fans. Yet, they are only followed by 50 people and have been struggling to surpass that number in the past few weeks.

Now the question that lingers is, “How do you go about being recognized and credited for your actions? How do you boost your following?

I can say that it’s actually pretty simple, but I would be lying wouldn’t I?

If it was really as easy as some people say it is, everyone would have hundreds of thousands of followers right?

There are some things that can be done to ensure that you build a steady following for your personal brand though. It takes some time and work, but rest assured it can be done without having to follow thousands of people so that they can follow you back. The problem with building a following like that is that there is no value in your followers. They are basically doing you a favor by following you back. That doesn’t mean they are at all interested in what you do or who you are though. You will also notice that if you build a following like that, there will be no interaction whatsoever. Anyway, let’s get back to the good stuff…

So how do you go about becoming famous and building a ridiculous following like Kevin Rose or Pete Cashmore as an example?

You follow these simple tips below…

#1 – Be weird and don’t follow trends. Set them.

This might sound absurd, but it’s the truth. If you want to be noticed by a lot of people, do things differently to everyone else. I’m not saying you should be weird as in creepy or scary, I’m using it as an expression.

If the crowd goes left, you go right. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable position where people are staring at you should be a daily routine. If you stand out from the crowd in a unique way, you will get noticed.

The theory can be put to action in a working situation as well. People say that if you copy successful people you will be successful. That is true. You will reach a level success, but will be limited by your actions and mindset. If you want to be successful and stand out, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Be different. Set the trends, don’t follow them.

#2 – Help people get what they want.(For Free)

If you have the power to help people obtain better lifestyles. Do it! Word of mouth is still a game changer in the world today. People love recommending others that have helped them overcome problems or situations.

Don’t always expect things in return though, see it as a block that’s added to your foundation and the more blocks you add, the stronger it gets. You will build relationships with people that can open doors for you as well, that’s a bigger bonus than anything else. He/she might just mention you to a friend or a co-worker and so the news starts spreading. It ends up helping you in more ways than one without the person even realizing it. Help enough people get what they want and you will be able to get anything you want.

#3 – Take a stand.

What I mean by taking a stand is..voice your opinion. Are you currently hiding behind your fear of rejection? Get up and take a stand for what you believe in. If you think Donald Trump is a selfish, dishonest oak that works hard and takes things for granted, SAY IT!

If you get a lot of negative comments or reactions…so what? It’s your opinion…

Don’t be scared of what others are going to think about you. You can’t keep everyone happy in life, but believe me you will create a stir once you start calling out the big guns and writing truthful, insightful articles on why you believe in something that others are abusing. A lot of people are scared to voice their honest opinions, don’t be one of them. Be different. Take a stand for what you believe in and the reactions will come automatically.

#4 – Promote your brand wherever you go!

Err, my advertising campaign already does that. No it doesn’t! Get with the program. Haha, do you have your car branded? Do you have stickers that you can giveaway? Are you wearing a unique shirt that promotes your brand? Are you helping people in the street? In your day to day life? Did you help the old lady cross the road?

All these little things add up.

Now how is helping a old lady going to help my brand? Firstly, the motorists will notice you helping her, she will remember you and some people might even stop and ask you if you knew her? Create interaction with people you bump into everyday. You never know who they might be or who they might know.

You want to boost your fame don’t you? Then start portraying your brand and image wherever you go. Even if people aren’t looking. It helps to be on top of your game at all times and make sure you have those business cards close by too.

#5 – Once you start gaining recognition, don’t change!

This is a very important aspect to building your fame and following successfully. Why is that? Well you might have noticed that people starting out are humble and more than willing to connect with everyone out there. However, once they start gaining some status in the ranks towards becoming popular, they start changing and shutting down connections previously built up.

They belittle the people around them and their egos go through the roof. They start seeing themselves as being better than those around them and start having less and less time for those people that put all their time and effort into helping them.

Don’t be a culprit. If you had $10 in your bank or $1 Million. You should still be the same person inside and out. Don’t belittle those around you or start seeing yourself as being better than those less fortunate than you. You have to realize that even though your social status has soared, you are still the same Timmy that grew up with a snotty nose on the corner of Gerald and Hamshire.

Sure you will become wiser and learn a lot of new things as you make your way to the top, but make a decision from the beginning that you will stay the same humble person that you once was and won’t change for anything or anybody.

It’s hard to find people that have become successful and show the same character traits as they use to. It’s the world’s fault however, they are praising these people way too much for their actions and this causes their ego’s to swell out of control. Stay grounded and humble. Don’t change.

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