Everyone leads at some point in their lives. Their scenarios are different, their goals are different, but one thing remains…they have the responsibility to exceed expectations and provide implementation solutions for the people that they lead.

I was speaking to a guy the other day and even though he is the CEO of a corporation, he said the he feels stagnant in his role as leader of the company. It feels to him as if he is just sitting around and repeating everything he has done in the past. I quickly threw back a couple of questions at him to look for the root of the problem. In his case, it all came down to falling behind in his niche, not leading himself first to lead his people and not being open to grow and learn.

Becoming a more effective leader encourages you to focus on quality output from your team and not worry about things that your personal assistant should be taking care of. So from my experience, what would the 6 tips be for you to become a more effective leader in your workplace?

1. Be passionate

It’s very important to be passionate about that which you work on daily. If passion doesn’t resonate from within you on this project, how can your team be passionate about completing the tasks at hand? Focus on expressing your passion for the project.

2. Never stop growing/learning

This is one of the most important things for you to keep on doing as a leader. You should keep learning as much as you can to grow into the best leader you can possibly be. Investing in yourself is important. Especially if you want to keep growing as an effective leader.

3. Be a role model

How can you expect your team to abide by certain rules, if you break them? How can you expect your team to be on-time if you are constantly late? You need to be a role model to inspire those around you. You need to show them why you lead. You need to show them that by merely living the life you do, you are already inspiring others to success.

4. Listen and communicate

An important trait in leadership is communication. Clear communication between you and your team is required if you are looking to achieve outstanding results. A good leader is able to listen to his or her team members and find solutions for problems without it having to turn into arguments or lengthy debates. Make sure you stay on top of your one-on-one communication qualities.

5. Offer recognition

Looking to have your team work harder than ever before? Offer them some recognition when they excel. Show them how much you care about them, show them how much you appreciate their hard work. A little recognition can go a long way in the work field. Make sure you dish them out to the right people in order to make them tick.

6. Lead yourself first

If you can’t lead yourself, how do you expect to lead others? Something my dad told when I was younger and it stuck. You first need to experience and deal with things before you can help other people through them. Make sure that you walk the walk and talk the talk. Be honest, be open, be kind and generous. Be the man that people look up to, not frown upon. Be the man that takes responsibility for his actions and leads with authority and humility.

As you can see the points declared above aren’t rocket science. They just need to be repeated daily in order to form habits. Make sure to implement and focus on these tips in order to become a more effective leader in your workplace.

Good luck.

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