I find it interesting how often I run into friends, colleagues or just people that I meet that struggle to push out content. I mean content at all. They just throw their hands in the air and wave it like they just don’t care…Haha, no, they keep saying they don’t have any ideas.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

That’s usually when I push James Altucher’s book – Choose Yourself into their hand(their inbox via Amazon..Shhh) and tell them to get back to me within a week.

People are able to go from nothing to something in a matter of days. They are able to push out content, come up with ideas and never run dry again. If you think I’m talking smack, go read his book and then follow it up with Claudia Altucher’s book- How to Become an Idea Machine. It will change your life.

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

Now back to why you’re actually here.

A lot of people struggle from writers block, but don’t do anything about it. Sitting on your behind dreaming about how big you want your brand to become won’t get you there.

It might help you set up the framework of what you’re working towards, but the article won’t write itself.

I have a simple formula I like to call the GRINDO method.

1. Go on Vacation

This doesn’t only apply to writers block, it applies across the board. If you’re stuck in any situation where you feel overwhelmed and aren’t able to perform like you usually do. Take a few days off, book a holiday and escape. Without your phone, any connectivity to the outside world. Your laptop is fine, but stay offline.

2. Read and Read some more

Pick up some books as the airport or book store on your way. There is nothing that rekindles ideas like reading someone’s book about how they went through the troubling times of life and got out on the other side of it. Don’t just say you’re going to read, actually do.

3. Idea Lists

Force yourself to come up with new ideas everyday. You can start out slow and work your way up gradually. You don’t have to pump out 30 ideas in the first day, but you could do better than five. Read Claudia Altucher’s book. Just do it.

4. New Routines

Change up your routines. Currently wake up at 7AM? Get up at 6AM, setup a morning routine that is completely different from your everyday life and follow it profusely for a week or two. Perhaps make it part of your lifestyle. Change is good for everyone.

5. Drink some fine wine

If you drink wine, invest in some good wine. Don’t buy the $15-$25 bottle, go out and invest in some good wine($100+). Have it with your dinner or as a treat in the evenings. Take it all in- the smell, taste, color, make the moment last.

6. One person in mind

Write for one person. Choose the one person that you want to purely give some advice to and start writing. Write about what’s on your heart, what you wish you could tell them and pull that through to your public writing too. Teach someone something, one person only and publicize it. It’s bound to be one of your best pieces yet.


It’s true that there are different ways and methods to get rid of your writers block, however the above worked for me every single time.

Don’t take my advice for it, just give it a try. It really is as simple as can be.

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