Everyone has goals. Yes, even babies and children do. The complexity and magnitude of their goals and dreams just differ from an adults.

Without goals and dreams we won’t really be going anywhere. We will be riding horses without saddles, trying to fly airplanes without any flying knowledge. Throwing darts at target less walls.

There is no point in living life without goals or dreams…where does your motivation come from if you don’t have a target? What are you working towards?

Nothing I assume….

The one thing though that immediately comes to mind when talking about goals is execution.

You cannot follow your dreams without a plan…you will never get there.

You need to start planning your life in order to follow your dreams and reach your goals. Have you ever thought about, “How you are going to afford that house in Malibu?” I guess not…

Money does not grow on trees you know….figuratively speaking, seeing that paper is made of wood.

There is no point in even trying to reach your goals if you don’t have an idea of how you are going to get there or which direction to start off in. Have you ever heard a person say “Your body is only as strong as your mind is?” Well in this case it goes hand in hand.

You need the mental focus in order to execute tasks properly and you need the tasks in order to focus on your goals and get somewhere in life.

So ask yourself…Are your Goals Reachable??

My ramblings for the day. Haha

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