Life is short and anything can happen within a matter of seconds. We can’t predict the future and therefore we don’t even know if we will be here to see the next sunrise. Life shouldn’t be lived with hesitations or regret, if you have something to say or do, you should get it said or done.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” – James Dean

In this short article I’m going to tell you why you should carry this short, “Don’t Delay, Do It Today” statement around with you. Not only could it improve your life, but your productivity at work too.

Each day we are faced with hundreds of challenges, some tougher than others and some that seem impossible. Planning steps up to the plate here and determines whether or not you will be getting everything done. If you look at my previous article I gave you 5 tips for setting up your goals in life, goals are important as you need to know where you are heading. You need a target.

However, after identifying your goals the hardest part begins…the journey.

This journey that you will be undertaking to reach your goals won’t be easy. You will be faced with decisions that could turn your life upside down in seconds. There is one decision that you should make right from the start though and that is to live by the statement, “Don’t Delay, Do It Today.”

It sounds simple and like something a crazy person will do, but I can promise you that you will only benefit from it. Now you might be wondering how you will be benefiting from this and in what aspect — Let me explain.

Daily Life

If only I opened my mouth and said what I wanted to say. We could have avoided all this conflict. The frustration, anger and tears…

Ever had the opportunity to speak your mind, but hesitated and didn’t? Later finding out that if you did, the situation would have been so much different than it currently is? You could have avoided the fight or closed a big deal or even saved someones life.

Don’t Delay, Do it Today.

Disclaimer: Don’t use this statement to tell your boss how much you dislike him. Remember that you still have to be sensitive to certain situations.

Work Life

There is this thing called procrastination that creeps in when you aren’t looking. It takes hold of your mind and numbs every cell in your body. It’s like an addiction that you can’t get rid of, like a burden that rests on your shoulders…wasting more and more time each day.

People that work day in and day out know exactly what I’m talking about. The project that use to take them two days now takes them a week.

The question is why?

Well I suppose there are quite a few different ways to address that question, but my version goes like this.

Why does my project take a week instead of the usual two days? Well it’s because you started using the word, “Tomorrow” more often in your day to day life. Receiving the project today and knowing the deadline is only in a week and three days your brain automatically tells you that you can do the work tomorrow and still get it done in time.

Every working person wants to go through a day and get the most things done with the least amount of work. So pushing a project to tomorrow frees up some time today. Which in actual fact is the total opposite. You are actually creating more work for yourself without realizing it.

The real way to free up some time is by working on the project immediately. “Don’t Delay, Do it Today,” you can break the project into parts and get a part done each day. By doing it this way, not only will you minimize your work load daily, but you will be finished with the project in no time at all.


Procrastination is something everyone has to deal with, we are all humans and no person out there is greater than the other. We are all equal and therefore we have to face the same challenges on a day to day basis. Wrestling with emotions and decisions, some greater than others.

If you only need to take away 5 words from this article, let it be…

“Don’t Delay, Do it Today!”

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