You always find people trying to take shortcuts in life when they are looking to reach something. Everyone has this problem actually and people don’t notice how much shortcuts we actually try take in life. If I’m driving home after a long day, do I take the shortest route home or the safest? You can bet your big toe I take the shortest route…even though it isn’t necessarily the safest. I can use climbing stairs as an example too. If I need to reach the third floor and I have 54 steps to scale, do I climb the stairs like a normal person – step by step or do I flip the gears in my head and turn into a ninja that skips 2 steps at a time? Yes, you guessed it, I turn into a stair climbing ninja, I cheat death on my way up and down the stairs because by skipping 2 stairs on the way up I probably skip 4 steps on my way down.

This helps me reach the third floor faster than I would have climbing step by step, but was this the safest way to scale the stairs? I guess not….what would have happened if my foot slipped and I ended up rocketing down the stairs at high speed taking out everyone and everything in my path? I would probably be disabled for the next few weeks, wouldn’t I? You might be wondering where I’m getting at with this article, well it comes down to a simple piece of advice, “Taking the shortest route isn’t always the best and might end your career early.”

We always try and take the shortest route, on the way to work, paying the bills, buying things…the list is endless. However, there are certain things in life that you have to work the long way round. School and college being one of them. There is noway you will graduate if you constantly try take the shortest route and life is the same, you have to climb the stairs step by step in order to reach your goals.

So the question at the end of the day is: How many step do you skip on your way to the top? -OR- Do you live life step by step on a daily basis?

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