After doing a lot of research and interviewing 32 Millennial candidates for an open position at your company, you finally have someone in your sights.

You call your assistant and ask her to schedule a quick call to Mandy Moore that you interviewed this morning. As Mandy picks up the phone, you throw your credentials at her and offer her the job at your company. She sounds excited and agrees to come in and sign her employment contract.

She arrives the next morning bright and early with a few doubtful questions surrounding her new employment, but after a few minutes of back and forth you both sign the agreement and Mandy is on her way with a diluted smile. She will be starting Monday, but she doesn’t look to delighted in landing the job.

Hopefully her mood changes over the weekend…

Why doesn’t Mandy look overjoyed? Well I can tell you what Mandy is fearful of working for a boss and a big company. It’s something totally new to her, she is wondering what the other people will say, will they accept her and her age. Will they look down on her for replacing a previous colleague? There is a lot of thoughts running through her head.

She needs peace and assurance that this is going to be the job for her. That this company is going to treat her well and that she is going to love doing here what she has been doing for the past few years at home. She doesn’t want to wake up every morning and dread going to work. She just wants to be happy…

So how do you make a Millennial happy? How do you make them feel at home? I’ll give you three quick tips.

1. Give them company recognition

Make it public. Showcase them. Have a write up done on your blog, send out emails to the staff introducing Mandy as the new “Hr Manager” or whatever position she is in. Make her feel at home and make them feel as if the team is now complete and better than ever.

2. Give them their branded business cards

When you introduce Mandy on her first day, make sure you hand her, her carrier full of personal company business cards. Excitement and joy wouldn’t be the only feelings taking over her, inspiration will almost immediately follow. She will feel part of the team already and feel inspired to get to work. In her head she would already be mulling over people who she is going to hand her new business cards to, because she isn’t just Mandy the new employee, she is Mandy the HR Manager for Grayson Limited.

3. Create incentives

Millenials love incentives. That’s all they would work for if they could. Squaring up to a challenge with an incentive awaiting their collection at the end, fuels their fires. Make sure the new person at work know about your incentives. Make sure they have a copy of the goals and incentives on their desk and in their inboxes. Not only will this immediately make them happy, but it will help them set goals and work harder to reach and surpass those goals they have set.

Mandy left work that day overjoyed and almost completely settled in. She had so many ideas and ways that she was going to reach her goals. She was at work early the next day simply because she was happy to be part of a family and something bigger. She wasn’t just another employee that was passing through…well so she thought.

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