For me an Entrepreneur is someone who owns a business, employs people and is able to step away from that business if they have to for a brief period of time whilst it grows and they rest.

Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who have referred to themselves as entrepreneurs. Some of them were in fact entrepreneurs, but the rest of them were individuals who were either freelancing, just setting up shop or running their businesses by themselves without any hired help.

What I have come to notice lately amongst the next generation of business owners is that the word entrepreneur is thrown around way too much. From individuals sitting on ideas, or just having launched a blog they immediately start calling themselves entrepreneurs.

Some of them do go onto being successful entrepreneurs, but the majority of them don’t ever really get their ideas, businesses or blogs off the ground as they would have wanted to…but still they call themselves entrepreneurs…

So it got me thinking. We look at people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Elon Musk – they are called entrepreneurs in their field of expertise as they’ve been able to help change thousands, if not millions of lives over the course of their careers.

Then we look at the next generation of business starters calling themselves entrepreneurs, do you think the word “Entrepreneur” is being overused amongst new business starters?

I decided to drop a quick tweet on Twitter to a few people and asked them what they thought about the situation. Obviously my tweet wasn’t as detailed as this article, but they caught on to what I was talking about.

Do you think the term “Entrepreneur” is overused amongst new starters?


At the end of the day, James is right about what he said. It’s not about what you call yourself, but rather about what you do on a daily basis. Are you building your dream or are you building someone else’s dream for them?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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