Need I say more? You need to live a little, have fun, take chances and get your adrenaline pumping…DAILY. You need to keep living your life as if today was your last day.

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die tomorrow – James Dean

In order for you to accomplish what you want in life you need to go for it FLAT OUT..You need to keep yourself focused on the end goal. You need to motivate yourself to stay on top. You need to find something that keeps your heart racing.

You need to find yourself.

Don’t back down, sit down or let down your guard for something to creep in and steal your motivation. Go for gold and keep yourself motivated, because if you do, you will notice that you aren’t just living FLAT OUT, you’re working Flat OUT, playing FLAT OUT and even sleeping FLAT OUT.

Haha, yes, exaggeration is needed here, but anything you can connect with FLAT OUT can be done.

So, the moral here is take my advice and LIVE LIFE FLAT OUT!!!!

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