If you were able to do one random thing everyday for one year and influence 365 people. Wouldn’t you do it every day?

I know I would.

Sitting around a table at McDonalds with some friends in 2010 we joked about a scenario that involved random public acts to draw attention to certain businesses. We kept making suggestions of things to do and tried predicting the possible outcomes of said acts.

The tale turned when I pushed in the idea of saving a life. Helping those people that didn’t have anymore hope to live.

Now we started speaking about the possibility of creating a movement that involved a random act and saving a persons life.

“How would that work?,” was one of the first questions that arose.
I subtly mentioned that by performing a random act of kindness everyday you could potentially save one persons life everyday.

Now that sounds far fetched as not everyone is in trouble or has mild depression steering down on self destruction. That is true yes.

BUT, how would you know the kid walking past you doesn’t fear for his life or that he is on his way to do something destructive?

A simple, “Hey kid, have a rocking day.” Could have changed the outcome of his next 24 hours. What I’m getting at is that we should live our lives as if everyday was the last and with that we need to make the most of our communication with people.

Maybe greet the person standing next to you in the bus queue. Give that guy on the side of the road some money to feed his family. Help those people that have been burning at the back of your head all week.

Do something random. Do it daily. You never know what positive impact you will have in every persons life you reach out to on a day to day basis.

REMEMBER: One random act a day could save a life.

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