It’s a brick wall that everyone runs into one day or another. Some more than others. It’s a feeling only describable by the person himself/herself. A feeling of insecurity, worthlessness, self-doubt…the list goes on.

You can’t say that it has never happened to you; it’s impossible that it hasn’t. Everyone has been down sometime in their lifetime. Whether it was because of a break up, losing a family member, fighting with a friend, being fired or just waking up with thoughts of emptiness.

Now how does a person revert those feelings to positive state and fire yourself up so that you feel that you can conquer the world?

Well for me. It’s pretty easy…

The way I motivate myself

The easiest way for me to explain this if by giving you a few examples of what I like to do when I’m down. It doesn’t happen a lot anymore because I am happy with where I am in life and what I have, but for the odd occasion here is my list.

  • I have a playlist on Youtube with a lot of motivational videos that gets me fired up each time I watch some of them.
  • I watch the movie Limitless as it makes you wonder what if?
  • I go away for a weekend with friends
  • I jump in my car, put on some great music and go for a long drive to clear my mind.
  • I make use of, “The Secret Question to Success.” This is a simple product that I will hopefully be releasing very soon.
  • I take a step back, look at what I have and what we still have coming and get excited to see how blessed I am.

As you can see my points are fairly simple. There isn’t much rocket science to it. I constantly make sure that I’m happy in life and therefore I don’t run into a lot of “Down” moments, but for the occasional, I have these little points to start me up again.

So what do you do to motivate yourself?

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