You often find yourself running through life at such a pace that you miss most of the exciting things around you. You make promises to see people and a month goes by, then a year and then a decade…Where has the time gone? Where has the people gone? What have I done until now? These are all questions that you would potentially ask yourself when life comes to a staggering halt.

This actually hit me smack bang in the face today. What if I were to die today. How will I be remembered? What will I be remembered for? Who will remember me?

Everyday we take our lives for granted. We do what we have to, to survive. Most people anyway. They are stuck in unhappy careers that suck the life out of them. They die at the age of 25 and only get buried at 65. That’s reality for the majority of the population on earth anyway.

I want you to look at life differently.
Take a step back and assess your life, your lifestyle and your time. Where do you spend most of your time? What do you do most of the time? Do you influence people around you? Do you use your experience and wealth of knowledge for the greater good? When was the last time you did something good for someone else because you wanted to, not because you had to?

Think about it for a bit. Make a list of the things you’ve done for others in the past month. Short list? Long List? Why are you doing these things? Recognition? You shouldn’t be.

You should be doing it because you like helping people, not because you want your name in the newspaper.

“The heart behind the action is remembered in the long run.” – Jacquesvh

Build something that Changes Lives
If you feel that you’ve been stuck in your office job and you are going nowhere slowly, it’s time for change. You have the ability to be great, you just need to believe in yourself. I believe you can do it, so should you.

It’s time to dust off that idea book and start putting some ideas into action. You don’t want to be remembered as the guy or girl that had all the ideas, but never executed any of them do you? Well, get your ass in gear.

It’s time for change.
It’s time to start leaving a legacy behind.
It’s time to start building something that will influence people for generations to come.

The time is NOW.

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