You heard me. The title says it all. I shouldn’t actually write anything else in this article. However, I’m going to.

According to a lot of people the more things you have the happier you become..well that’s a myth…according to me. Materialistic assets shouldn’t evaluate your happiness or who you are.

I can vouch for the fact that having things doesn’t bring happiness. Maybe short term excitement, but nothing else..

People that are friends with you because of what you have are fake. Suss them out, make your move and get rid of them. It sounds harsh, but its for the better that way.

Donald Trump said: “You are going to lose friends on your way to the top, you are going to try talk yourself out of it and you are going to cry about all of it. When you do reach the top however, everyone is going to want to be friends with you.”

All for the wrong reasons I might add.

Look, I’m not an avid supporter of Donald Trump. He has done some awesome things in his career, but a lot of it I don’t support either. That’s a story for another time though..

Back to the topic. Life should be fun. You should enjoy it with the people around you that love and care for you. Don’t be somebody that you aren’t and don’t change the way you are because you feel your bank account says so.

Humility plays a big role in your success, so make sure you stay humble no matter how successful you get.

I’m currently sitting in Nina’s and my smoked chicken salad just arrived, so I’m off for now…time to eat.


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