Successful people thrive in setting goals that are smart, attainable and realistic. Without a goal, you will be aiming at nothing and by aiming at nothing, you will achieve just that…nothing. Having goals enables you to focus and work hard at that which you would like to achieve in life. Every person out there has dreams and they would love for them to become a reality. However, in order to achieve your dreams, hard work is involved and it definitely isn’t for the fainthearted.

My belief is that part of the first steps to achieving success is being able to set S.M.A.R.T goals for yourself and your business. What are these goals that you keep talking about? Well, I’m not hovering on one specific area in your life, I’m focusing on the diverse setting. Whether it’s fitness, financial, health, business, savings or relational goals the S.M.A.R.T method is applicable to your situation.

What is Smart goals? Let’s have a look at the breakdown below:

  • S: SPECIFIC – When setting up your goals, you need to be specific in every situation. Example: Don’t say that you want to make more money that you did last year. Rather say that you would like to earn $250K more than you did last year in order to donate 40% of those earnings to you newly established foundation. Being specific is better.
  • M: MEASURABLE – Make use of metrics to track your goals. There is no point in setting up a goal if you can’t track progress towards its completed state. Example: “I need to run more often this year,” isn’t going to cut it. However, “I need to run at least 20 miles a week over 4 days to be running fit again” is going to.
  • A: ATTAINABLE – Make sure your goal is reasonable and attainable. There is no point in setting a goal that you know right from the start is impossible to achieve for you in your current situation. You will fail before you even began.
  • R: RELEVANT – Make sure that your goals are relevant. If you are struggling to lose weight, your goals should be related to that. Not setting a record for eating the most footlongs in an hour.
  • T: TIMELY – Make sure that you setup deadlines for your goals. Break down your tasks into months, weeks and even days. Therefore you know that if you’re sticking to your schedule you will be sure to accomplish your goals.

As you can see, the SMART system is a simple yet efficient way of setting goals for yourself. It helps you identify incomplete setups for your lists and enables you to set quality goals that you will be determined to achieve.

I hope you will be able to make use of this system just as much as it has helped me in the past. I believe in it and so should you.

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