We always strive for perfection. Most of us anyway. Is anything in this world perfect? NO!

So why do we spend so much time, building things and changing them till we feel they are perfect? We are lying to ourselves aren’t we? Simple explanation would be that we are chasing our own tails…

Now you might think that you don’t strive for perfection, well actually you do. Everyday. You just don’t see it that way.

When you do your hair, it has to be a certain way, when you get to the office your coffee needs to be a certain temperature, your chair has to be the correct height for you to sit in. What happens if things aren’t the way you like it? You change it and adjust it till its…Perfect.

My challenge to you from now on is to make yourself a bit uncomfortable with your products. The things you build. The things you manage. Don’t sit there planning and building for years to release something. Get it up as quick as you can. You can iron out the creases as you move along, as users start being receptive of your new product.

Why am I saying this? Simply because someone is evidently going to beat you to the chase. Someone is going to make more money than you, with your product(same idea) that you had before them.

They weren’t chasing perfection like you were, they just wanted the world to see their idea and didn’t care too much about what it looked like.

With your next product you’re working on, don’t dwell on that fact that it isn’t perfect. Get it out there.

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