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Jacques van Heerden

How to Find Your First Paying Customer

It’s interesting to look back over the past few years and see how the startup scene has evolved. A few years back, new business owners weren’t running after funding to put their startups on the map. They came up with creative ways to do so and pushed the...

Jacques van Heerden

Six Reasons Why You Won't Make it as an Entrepreneur

I was sitting down with some friends Sunday afternoon and we were talking about the likely hood of success. What the odds are for someone to make it as an entrepreneur and how many people are left in the wake with broken hearts and dreams. To be honest, the majority...

Jacques van Heerden

39 Ways to Market Your Business

Your business is only as strong as your brand. Your brand is only as strong as your reach and your reach is amplified by the core people that make up your business. It’s a cycle that needs to be focused on. One of the many questions I often have...

Jacques van Heerden

The $10,000 Investment Just Won't Cut It

I have too many a time sat down with founders and heard them complain about small investments. They carry on and on about how they need $100,000 to break down the barriers and how $10,000 is nothing compared to what they actually need. They look down on people...

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