A lot of us feel that we live way below that which God intended for us. However, God made did make it clear that he will deliver upon that which he has promised. When, how, and where are determined by our lifestyles, commitment, and faith toward him.

We stand still and look around feeling inadequate compared to some of the people around us. We garner feelings of shame, worthlessness, poverty, and an arsenal of questions for God.

  • Why am I poor?
  • Why do those around me have so much more than I do?
  • Why can’t I be the guy or girl on top?
  • Why do I follow everything you say and still struggle?
  • Why are there constantly problems in my family?
  • Why did I lose my job?

The list goes on….

Everything that happens day to day, happens for a reason. Even though you feel you have done everything according to God’s requests, you still haven’t shaken the poverty mentality which is holding you back. When you shake the mindset, new doors will open up for you.

You will realize that you actually have so much more than the people around you that intimidate you with their wealth. You will realize that everything isn’t about money. Happiness is worth so much more.

You will realize that the only thing you need in life is God and that you need to put your faith in Him, stand back and assess your situation. Your life isn’t going anywhere without God. So re-align your focus, get down on your knees and thank God for everything that he has done for you.

Get rid of the poverty mentality and focus on him.

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