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Jacques van Heerden

20 Motivational Quotes to Kick Start your Week

Quotes do wonders for people that lack motivation. By merely reading a few words written by someone famous or wealthy, people flip their switches and go into overdrive. Suddenly they throw around ideas as if they were on sale at the one buck store. They are able to work for...

Jacques van Heerden

Look Me in the Eyes when You Talk to Me

This is one of the most irritating things I’ve come across lately. Be it in meetings, social gatherings or even greeting exchanges, people struggle to look you in the eye when talking to you… I don’t know if it’s because of guilt, insufficient self confidence or simply...

Jacques van Heerden

4 Steps to Change Your Life for Good

People are bogged down by unnecessary baggage which keep piling up and eventually destroys their dreams, hopes and confidence. You might be thinking to yourself that you are happy just the way you are…but are you really? Are you driving the car you want to? Are you living the...

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