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Jacques van Heerden

6 Ways to Be a more Effective Leader

Everyone leads at some point in their lives. Their scenarios are different, their goals are different, but one thing remains…they have the responsibility to exceed expectations and provide implementation solutions for the people that they lead. I was speaking to a guy the other day and even though he...

Jacques van Heerden

You have to set S.M.A.R.T Goals

Successful people thrive in setting goals that are smart, attainable and realistic. Without a goal, you will be aiming at nothing and by aiming at nothing, you will achieve just that…nothing. Having goals enables you to focus and work hard at that which you would like to achieve in...

Jacques van Heerden

Are Your Goals Reachable?

Everyone has goals. Yes, even babies and children do. The complexity and magnitude of their goals and dreams just differ from an adults. Without goals and dreams we won’t really be going anywhere. We will be riding horses without saddles, trying to fly airplanes without any flying knowledge. Throwing...

Jacques van Heerden

Get Yourself a Journal

We all have brains, some busier than others. One thing we have in common though is that we think…a lot. Every minute of everyday some thought runs through our head about something. Now where do we keep these thoughts and ideas? In our heads? Sure that’s right, but...

Jacques van Heerden

You have to say NO

Being kind and saying yes to everything will eventually get you into big trouble. I’m not referring to saying yes to illegal things(that will get you into trouble too) in this instance. I’m referring to balancing your work life. People will eventually try and take advantage of...

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